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Choosing the Right A/C for Your Rhode Island Home

Hot weather is right around the corner, and soon the dog days of summer will be here. You’re probably wondering the best way to stay cool this hot season, and you know that clunky old window unit isn’t going to get the job done. So, when it comes to air conditioning systems, you have two […]

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How to Find the Best Fuel Tank Coverage in Rhode Island

Fuel oil and Bioheat® fuel users in Rhode Island heavily rely on their oil storage tank to keep their families safe and warm. If you fall in this category, you could benefit significantly from tank replacement coverage. Keep reading to learn more about how to find the best heating oil storage tank coverage in Rhode […]

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Invest in Your Home Comfort

Warmer weather is right around the corner in Rhode Island, and soon spring will be here, and you’ll get to say goodbye to colder weather for a few months. Are you still using a clunky, old, loud air conditioning window unit? There are better options! Continue reading Hope Energy’s blog post to learn more about […]

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The Secret to Affordable Rhode Island Home Comfort

As a Rhode Island homeowner, you’ve likely considered different ways to reduce your heating bills. Maybe you don’t turn on the thermostat until November, tell your kids to put on an extra sweater if they get cold, or leave the oven open a crack after cooking something delicious for dinner. Though all of these strategies […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Your Rhode Island Heating System

Unlike the more southern states, Rhode Island residents and homeowners get four prominent seasons throughout the year. During winter, it’s more important than ever to be on top of monitoring your home heating system—after all, a lack of preparation could cause discomfort for your family and permanent damage to your home’s structure. Fortunately, Hope Energy […]

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What You Can Expect This Winter from Hope Energy

As we prepare for the coming winter, we wanted to take a moment to let you know what you can expect from Hope Energy this season. We are thinking of you and your families, and how we can be of service. We are approaching a winter unlike any other, and you can rest assured that […]

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