Why Heating Oil Prices May Drop in Rhode Island This Year

Hope Energy and many other Rhode Island heating oil delivery providers have noticed a sudden and steady drop in oil pricing since the start of the pandemic. You may have noticed too, as gasoline prices have dropped similarly. Though forecasts predict a cold winter, experts anticipate that New England will catch a break when it comes to paying for home heating bills this year. Hope Energy is here to explain why.

US Energy Information Administration Predicts 10% Decline in Oil Costs

Experts in the field are estimating a 10% decline in heating oil prices during the cold season compared to last year, though some other fuel costs are increasing. It’s likely that Rhode Island and New England will benefit the most from this prediction since our area is primarily dominated by home heating oil furnaces and boilers to keep houses safe and warm.

In fact, 20% of homes in the Northeast take advantage of fuel oil to heat their homes—so all of those people, including our valued fuel oil delivery customers, will likely enjoy a significant decrease in heating costs this year. Hope Energy looks forward to passing on home heating oil savings directly to you and your family or company. It makes our team happy to know that we can provide reliable delivery of quality heating fuel at a price that may allow your family a little extra wiggle room in your home comfort budget this year.

How to Order Affordable, High-Quality Oil from Hope Energy

If you’d like to take advantage of these unseasonably low oil prices, you can place a residential or commercial fuel oil delivery right here through our website at whatever time is most convenient for you. You can also sign up for automatic oil delivery if you’d prefer to let us manage your fuel levels. Feel free to take advantage of our budget plan or prepay plan. You can even score extra discounts by making fuel payments or ordering fuel ahead of time! Talk about affordable home heating.

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