Payment Plans for Home Heating Oil

Your Fuel Payments, Your Way

We’re here to help our customers in Rhode Island make their heating bills as manageable as possible. That’s why Hope Energy offers several payment plans for you to choose from. Signing up for a payment plan will make your heating costs more predictable, especially during the coldest months of the year. Why sign up?

  • Predictable heating bills
  • Easier household budgeting
  • Competitive oil prices
  • Your choice between Budget Plan or Prepay Plan

I’m Interested in a Payment Plan

Contact us to sign up for a payment plan or ask a question.

Heating Oil Budget Plan

You pay for your car, your smartphone, and your streaming services on a monthly basis, why not your heating fuel, too? Hope Energy’s budget plan allows customers to pay the same low payment each month. Your monthly bill is calculated based on market price projections and annual usage for the year, then spread out into 12 even payments.


Heating Oil Prepay Plan

If you prefer to pay for things upfront, our Prepay Plan is the right fit for you. Prepay Plan customers pay for their heating oil for the year at all once. Paying in advance allows you to take advantage of an extra discount on top of our quick pay discount. No matter what the fuel market does over the course of the year, you can rest assured that you are getting the biggest discount we offer.


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