Service Plans from Hope Energy

Protection & Preventative Care for Your HVAC Systems

You protect major investments like your home and car from the unexpected, why not your heating and A/C systems? Sign up for a service plan with Hope Energy to gain greater peace of mind and protect your HVAC equipment. We offer several service plans with varying levels of coverage to provide the best possible value to each and every customer. Available service plans:

  • Gold Service Plan for Oil Burners
  • Silver Service Plan for Oil Burners
  • Bronze Service Plan for Oil Burners
  • Zone Protection Service Plan for Boilers
  • Water Heater Service Plan
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance

Get Protection & Peace of Mind

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Why Sign up for a Service Plan?

Enrolling in a service plan is the best way to protect your HVAC system and your wallet in the long run. Hope Energy designs our service plans to deliver the greatest value to our customers. For a low price, you can rest easy knowing that certain parts are covered if (or when) your boiler, furnace, water heater, or air conditioner requires service. And some plans include tank coverage for your heating oil tank. Having a plan in place will lessen the cost of repairs down the road!


Our Service Plans

Hope Energy is pleased to offer three levels of coverage to our customers that have oil burners. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Service Plans each provide coverage for specific parts and labor. The Zone Protection Service Plan provides coverage for baseboard hot-water heating systems. We also provide protection options for water heaters.


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