Hope Energy Tank Coverage Program

Being Proactive with Your Oil Tank Can Avoid Tank Failure

Turning a blind eye to your oil storage tank is a recipe for disaster. Instead, sign up for the Hope Energy Tank Coverage Program through our Gold or Silver Service Plans. When you book a heating system tune-up, our techs will also take a look at your heating oil storage tank. Tanks must qualify for Hope Energy Tank Coverage, but there’s good news no matter what your results are. Even if your tank doesn’t qualify for full coverage, you can still get up to  a $500 credit toward a replacement of your heating oil storage tank. If you do qualify for full coverage, you will get up to $2,000 credit toward the replacement of your tank when the time comes.

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How Our Oil Tank Coverage Works

During your heating system’s regular tune-up or service, our technician will check your home heating oil tank for weak spots, rust, and corrosion. If your tank qualifies for full coverage, you’ll get Hope Energy Tank Coverage for up to a $2,000 credit if your tank requires replacement in the future. If your tank doesn’t qualify for replacement coverage, you will still get up to a $500 credit toward a tank replacement. This program is designed to add value to your service plan agreement with the benefits listed below.

*Hope Energy Tank Coverage benefits include:

  • Tank replacement payment of up to $500 or up to $2,000 toward a new tank installation
  • Visual inspection of your oil tank completed by our service technicians
  • Included in our Gold Protection Plan
  • Peace of mind having coverage if you need a replacement


*These benefits are available only to Hope Energy fuel oil customers who are on automatic delivery, purchase 100% of their fuel from Hope Energy, consume a minimum number of gallons per year, and are enrolled in the Gold Service Plan or Silver Service Plan with tank coverage add-on. The Company will pay up to $2,000 toward the replacement of your tank, once inspected and qualified for the Hope Energy Tank Coverage Program, if a tank leak occurs subsequent to this inspection due to internal corrosion, or a tank leak occurs due to a manufacturer’s defect, or a non-leaking tank is identified for proactive replacement. While we cannot guarantee that a leak will not occur, or your tank will not fail after inspection, we are providing these new services to help fund the cost of a new tank when you need one. The Hope Energy Tank Coverage Program does not cover accidental damage, outdoor tank freeze-ups, frozen water pipes, environmental cleanup, property damage, waste disposal services, or other damages or losses caused by a tank leak or system failure. Hope Energy shall not be held responsible for any/all oil leaks due to oil line rupture, tank failure, and/or normal wear & tear. If your tank leaks prior to the first inspection or is identified as requiring replacement at the time of the first inspection you will receive a $500 credit toward a new tank. To receive any amount of tank coverage, Hope Energy or a Hope Energy–approved contractor must replace the oil tank. Proper photo documentation is required for all tank replacements. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

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