What Does It Cost to Replace a Tank?

When it comes to your heating equipment, we know that it’s no joke. Taking care of your oil tank should be a priority for homeowners across Rhode island. The ways in which you care for your heating equipment decides the integrity of your equipment, which in turn will determine how often that equipment needs to be replaced and upgraded. If you’re a heating oil user in RI, you depend heavily on your oil tank to source the fuel you use to provide warmth throughout the winter for your home and family. Chances are that if you live in your residence for an extended time, you’ll eventually need to replace your oil tank. While oil tanks can last years, like all equipment, they eventually need replacement whether because of poor care or simple aging.

Avoid the High Cost of Tank Replacement

Replacing an oil tank can be an expensive investment that can take a toll on your bank account. If you’re like many RI heating oil users, replacing your tank is something that you’d do only when absolutely necessary as it can strain family budgets. Tank replacement can cost anywhere upwards of $3,400. We’d venture to say that you have other things you’d rather spend your money on. That’s why we suggest considering a tank coverage program with Hope Energy.

The Benefits of Tank Coverage

When you sign up for tank coverage, your technician who performs your heating system tune-up will inspect your tank for weak spots, corrosion, and rust. If your tank qualifies for full coverage, you’ll get Hope Energy Tank Coverage for up to a $2,000 credit if your tank requires replacement in the future. If your tank doesn’t qualify for replacement coverage, you will still get up to a $500 credit toward a tank replacement.

Find Out if You Qualify

Find out if you qualify today! Don’t wait. Book annual service or a tank inspection with Hope Energy now to see if you can combat high oil tank replacement costs in the future.