Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Spring A/C Tune-Up

There’s so much to do once spring rolls around! With spring cleaning, running to the hardware store, getting ready for landscaping, and more, the list can seem endless, so we understand why you might try to thin it out a bit. If you’re thinking about skipping your air conditioning tune-up to lighten your load, think again! Booking an A/C tune-up is a must-do every spring that in the long run will save you time and money. Continue reading this blog post from Hope Energy to find out why.

5 Reasons to Book an A/C Tune-Up Every Year

Thinking about forgoing your annual air conditioning maintenance this summer in Rhode Island? Think again! Skipping a tune-up for your central air conditioning or ductless mini-split system means you’ll miss out on these significant benefits:

1. Preventative A/C Maintenance

HVAC experts recommend annual A/C tune-ups because these provide valuable preventative air conditioning system maintenance. Similar to an automobile tune-up, having a professional look at your air conditioning system once a year will help identify small problems before they become major issues in the future.

2. Extended HVAC Equipment Life

You invested in your air conditioning system, so naturally, you’d want it to last as long as possible. An A/C tune-up every year will help extend your air conditioning equipment’s lifespan so you can see your money go the distance.

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3. Greater Efficiency

During your tune-up, your air conditioning service technician will perform cleaning and maintenance to help the A/C system run more efficiently. This means you’ll get the best cooling output with lower energy usage.

4. Lower Energy Bills

Speaking of lower energy usage, a more efficient A/C system means lower cooling bills. Not only will your air conditioning equipment and overall comfort benefit from a tune-up, but your wallet will too.

5. Reduced Risk of Midseason Breakdowns

There’s nothing worse than switching on the A/C during a heatwave just to feel warm air leaving the vent. Having an A/C tune-up at the start of the season will help you avoid surprise midseason breakdowns and the extra cost they incur.

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Contact Hope Energy for A/C Maintenance in RI

So, when you think about it, that “Book A/C tune-up” item on your to-do list is pretty important! It takes only a few minutes to call Hope Energy at (401) 828-5000 or request A/C service online–then you can check it off the list again until next year.