How to Find the Best Fuel Tank Coverage in Rhode Island

Fuel oil and Bioheat® fuel users in Rhode Island heavily rely on their oil storage tank to keep their families safe and warm. If you fall in this category, you could benefit significantly from tank replacement coverage. Keep reading to learn more about how to find the best heating oil storage tank coverage in Rhode Island and guard against high installation costs when your tank needs to be replaced.

What Is Oil Tank Coverage?

Tank coverage protects your home comfort budget from high replacement costs when your tank starts to deteriorate, which puts your home at risk of an oil leak. After all, heating oil storage tanks don’t last forever. Signing up for tank coverage is a great way to alleviate replacement costs when the time comes.

Even new heating oil storage tanks can benefit from tank coverage—you still know that you’ll receive a credit for future tank replacement, and it’s a great selling point for your property down the line. Along with increasing your property value, potential home buyers will feel confident knowing that tank replacement isn’t going to cost them an arm and a leg right after they make an offer.

Check Out the Tank Replacement Coverage Value

First, determine the value of the tank coverage for your future replacement. Second, check the price of enrollment. Lower tank coverage enrollment prices may be your best choice if the coverage values are similar. Comparing the value of the tank coverage and the cost of enrollment can help you make a decision on which company to choose.

While a handful of Rhode Island companies offer tank replacement coverage, the value of the replacement credit can vary significantly. Here’s an example of Hope Energy’s tank coverage credit, which is $500 or up to $2,000 depending on the condition of your home heating oil storage tank. The coverage comes with our Gold Service Plan:

  • Qualifying tanks receive a $2,000 tank replacement payment toward the cost of a replacement tank when deemed necessary after a visual inspection.
  • Nonqualifying tanks (tanks in need of immediate repair or replacement) will receive up to $500 tank replacement credit to upgrade the oil tank with Hope Energy.

Learn the Benefits of Service Plans with Tank Coverage Programs

Not all HVAC service plans are created equal! Some service plans, like our Gold Plan for heating systems, offer valuable oil tank coverage credits along with other benefits including discounts on covered replacement parts and labor, an efficiency tune-up, inspection of your fuel tank, and around-the-clock emergency service. Along with these, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind from season to season.

How to Sign up for Heating System Protection & Oil Tank Coverage

Simply contact Hope Energy and request enrollment in our Gold Service Plan. For one low annual fee, you’ll enjoy better home security, increased property value, and the knowledge that you’ll be covered when it comes to your Bioheat® home heating fuel system. Get in touch about our Gold Service Plan, so you can be protected against the cost of a replacement fuel storage tank with our tank coverage benefit.