Do You Like Options?

Hope Energy now has oil tank coverage available as an add-on for Silver Service Plan customers. This valuable service will give you up to a $2,000 tank replacement credit if your tank qualifies and requires replacement in the future. We offer one of the highest tank replacement credits available in Rhode Island at the best price for our customers. Don't skip over this important choice.

How Does It Work?

When customers are enrolled in our Gold Service Plan (or our Silver Service Plan with the tank-coverage add-on) you will get up to a $2,000 credit toward the replacement of your tank, once your tank passes a visual inspection and if your tank is identified for replacement.* Covered customers whose tanks do not qualify for coverage will receive up to a $500 tank replacement credit toward a new tank installation from Hope Energy.

Even new heating oil storage tanks can benefit from tank coverage. You still know that you'll receive a credit for future tank replacement, and it's a great selling point for your property.

How Do I Add Tank Coverage to My Silver Plan?

It's easy! Simply fill out this form or give us a call to to talk to one of our experts about oil tank coverage.

*Full terms and conditions are outlined in our Service Plan PDF.