Don't You Hate Surprises?

Keep your home safe from the unexpected with a Hope Energy service plan. In the event of a breakdown, rest easy knowing that you have access to the best service at the best rates to get your heating equipment fixed in no time. Our Gold & Silver plans unlock access to home comfort services that can protect your heating equipment and your wallet.

Why Sign Up for Coverage?

By maintaining your heating system every year with a tune-up, you'll reduce oil usage, save money on fuel, protect your home from dangerous malfunctions, and reduce the risk of needing emergency service. Signing up for a service plan just makes sense, because it costs the same as a tune-up but provides additional coverage for your HVAC equipment.

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How Am I Protected?

Keep your home safe from the unexpected with a Gold, Silver,or Bronze service plan from Hope Energy.

  • Keep money in your wallet with the extra benefits of a service plan for the same price as a heating equipment tune-up.
  • Call for service when you need it with 24/7 emergency service provided outside of normal business hours.
  • Rest easy when things go wrong with coverage on select heating equipment parts and labor.
  • Get extra coverage with oil tank coverage toward the future replacement of your aging oil tank.
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How Does Tank Replacement Coverage Work?

When customers are enrolled in our Gold Service Plan (or our Silver Service Plan with the tank-coverage add-on) you will get up to a $2,000 credit toward the replacement of your tank, once your tank passes a visual inspection and if your tank is identified for replacement.* Covered customers whose tanks do not qualify for coverage will receive up to a $500 tank replacement discount on your installation from Hope Energy.

Even new heating oil storage tanks can benefit from tank coverage. You still know that you'll receive a credit for future tank replacement, and it's a great selling point for your property.

Receive 2 Years' Coverage for the Price of 1

It's easy! Simply fill out this form or give us a call to choose the right service plan for your family.

*Full terms and conditions are outlined in our Service Plan PDF.